My memory is suspect, no doubt due in great part to the drug induced coma we often refer to as “the ’80s”. I clearly remember Frank taking a group of us to see the place right after he closed on the property. It was one of the few times I was there completely sober and, once exposed to Alcock’s “pre-Martello”, I was left stupefied…and in need of a drink! Yet, Frank managed to turn that dump into one of the best bars ever, with fabulous music on the jukebox, terrific photos on the walls, great clientele and enough character to make it “pure Martello.”

For it was here, at Alcock’s in the winter of 1985, that Cindi and I sat at the bar, our confidence obviously enhanced by the vodka, and hatched the idea for our Girls Night Christmas Card, which was a big hit with all our male friends.


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